DrainBabies Biography
Three computer code nerds and a professional rhythm section playing East Denver
Rock and Roll.
• Alan Stewart: vocals
• Chris Wireman: guitars
• John Stefanowicz: drums
• Lelan Harry: bass guitar/keytar

DrainBabies began in Denver, Colorado in 2011. Alan, Dave and Chris would often
meet after work for beers and work related war stories where the conversation would
eventually turn to music. They knew that Alan was a talented vocalist, and that Chris
and Dave both had played in bands in the past. They decided to start playing in Chris’
basement for the fun of it. They soon recruited John on drums as they are all friends in
the Denver punk scene. Their first show was a Halloween party where Dave played
bass, and they cranked out a few original tunes and a few covers. They quickly realized
that they needed a bass guitarist to allow Dave to move to keys, and as luck would have
it John knew a bassist who lived in his apartment building. After recruiting Lelan, the
DrainBabies were complete.

DrainBabies can be found playing live at Larimer Lounge, 3 Kings, The Hi-Dive and
other fine Denver music clubs.

Their latest demo can be found at: http://www.drainbabies.com/music/
DrainBabies play slightly aggressive, melodic, yet oh so cranky garage punk and rock.
Their influences include Devo, Kinks, Black Sabbath, All of the Nuggets collections,
MC5 and The Carpenters.

Social Media:
World Wide Web: http://www.drainbabies.com
email: chris < at > chriswireman < dot > com




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